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A few years ago we set off on a monumental journey to change how the world eats seafood. Most of us have become disconnected from the food we eat. The seafood supply chain has become so global and so “notoriously opaque” that we no longer know who harvests our catch. Food has become faceless. The result is mistrust, seafood fraud and rampant mislabeling. It doesn't have to be this way.

In 2009, a group of fish harvesters on Vancouver Island got together with charitable nonprofit Ecotrust Canada to create a groundbreaking traceability system. ThisFish was born from the simply idea of empowering all of us to make more informed choices about the seafood we eat while promoting the harvesters who proudly stand behind their catch. 

We call our simple idea “faceability,” technology that lets us put a face on the food we eat.

ThisFish humanizes our food system and lets seafood lovers connect directly to their fish harvesters online. "Thank-you for catching the fish. It was yummy and we liked it," wrote 7-year old Emily and 4-year old Claire from Toronto in a message to their salmon harvester in Sidney, B.C.

As a nonprofit venture, we need your help to fund our continued innovation and growth. Please donate to ThisFish’s Innovation Fund to help us pioneer new ways to build trust and transparency in the seafood we eat.

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